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Wednesday, 10-Apr-2013 14:35 Email | Share | Bookmark
Coyote Attacks Teenager In Cape Breton

A 14-year-old Nova Scotia boy is recovering from coyote bites to his leg and buttock after he was attacked by an aggressive animal while on a Cape Breton trail on Tuesday night.

The Department of Natural Resources said the teenager was riding a dirt bike, and had dismounted, when he was attacked on a trail near Sydport Industrial Park in the Westmount area of Cape Breton.

Terry Power, a wildlife biologist with the Department of Natural Resources, told CBC News the boy managed to fight off the Sons of Anarchy actors animal and took off on his bike.

Power said he interviewed the victim and his father and it's not clear what prompted the attack.

"It's difficult to explain, quite frankly. We visited the site, we do look for something in the area that might explain what took place. For example, coyotes have been known to defend a kill quite aggressively," said Power.

"We looked for that sort of sign as well as potentially a den in the area, but no. It's just an unusual occurrence, The Office recapit's rare."

Wildlife officials are searching the trail and have called in a trained trapper to remove the animal.

"It's surprising that the animal was right there when he stopped the bike, assuming that he was moving along at motorcycle speed through the trail," said Power.

"It's possible that the animal did follow him and he behaved normally. As far as we can tell, it was an unprovoked attack."

In 2010, Nova Scotia began paying trappers $20 per coyote pelt as part of a bounty program designed to reduce aggressive coyote behaviour.

There were several calls to bring in the bounty after the death of a Toronto singer in October 2009. Taylor Mitchell, 19, was killed by two coyotes while hiking the Skyline Trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Both animals have since been caught and destroyed.

The uneducated opinions represented here are frightening, it 's not about wanting to eradicate a species but protecting "HUMANS " . I have a cottage in a area of the province that isn't developed , i hike, 4wheel, mountain bike and over the last 15 years the these animals have gotten increasingly dangerous to the point that its restricting how we allow our children to play in the woods. 15 years ago you would hear them but not see them, cats and dogs would go missing but that was the extent of it. Today the are frequently attacking humans in a aggressive manner that is escalating annually. They are evolving through breading into a very dangerous predator and for anyone to think we shouldn't address this problem is living in a warped dream world. I will refrain from from calling people who feel differently names, all I will say is look at this from outside the box you wish to live and please become The Walking Dead serieseducated and understand if it was your child attacked or killed on a walking trail or if you were tracked down by a pack of coyotes do you really feel you'd still post these type of comments, how many families must suffer!

I have no doubt that the coyote was terrified into a defensive response by the sound of the "dirt bike" As a hobby mushroom picker who spends a lot of time in the autumn cruising logging roads in BC I don't know how many times I have narrowly avoided having to pick some 12-14 year old nose picker out of my radiator. And this in spite of the fact that I can hear them a mile away and slow down to a crawl on blind corners AND lay on my horn to avoid them. What WAS a fourteen year old doin' out their driving an unliscensed vehicle anyway? Personally I think Nova Scotia put the bounty on the wrong nuisance animal. OK, that is my rant, bring on the shiite storm!

You are either someone who doesn't have kids or shouldn't. I will not bother insulting your intelligence because it obvious that you are just trying to get a negative response. First of all, for provinces to be supposedly "OVER-RUN" with coyotes how come so FEW ATTACKS????? Animals react on instinct or fear - they don't plan to kill like so many human beings do. They don't destroy the planet like we do.

Coyotes are an invasive species thanks to the unregulated slaughter of wolves over the last century. I can observe coyotes just about any day of the week and I live in south-eastern Ontario. They certainly aren't afraid of humans and attacks are a lot more common than people realize. There was a 19 year old girl who was attacked and killed in Cape Breton two years ago. I would suggest these wildlife officers spend the winter camping out in the park with snowmoblies and spend the winter hunting down and killing every single coyote they could. They wouldn't get them all but they would put the fear of god into the ones that did get away. They in time would pass these lessons on to their offspring. Sounds barbaric I realise but it would work.

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